The ambition is to support the creation of motivated people and teams in organisations, by releasing hidden resources and potential. We believe that diversity with mutual respect is the basis for successful businesses in the future and that development is set free and enhanced through self understanding, awareness, and curiosity about self and about the environment that we all are a part of.

Nikolaj Bruun

Nikolaj Bruun


With more than 25 years experience in both Danish and international business, including positions such as General Manager, Director of Sales and Technology Manager, Nikolaj has a solid foundation for coaching and developing organisations and people towards increased self knowledge, integrity and responsibility. Throughout the last 15 years, Nikolaj has worked intensively with his own personal development both in his private sphere and his management positions. This journey has led to a desire to help others interested in creating a similar change towards being a more harmonious and balanced person. To be strong without being sensitive and empathetic is no longer relevant in our society. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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